Myrtle Beach

Right now, I am sitting in the apartment of Adam, John, and Justin. All three are away doing their own thing. John is at his motorcycle class. He just purchased a Honda Shadow and should be receiving his license today! Adam is off kickin’ butt and soccer balls in a tournament. I am told Justin is off with his girlfriend. Steve and I have not had the privilege to meet him, yet. We arrived here in Myrtle Beach yesterday after over 100 torturous miles through forceful winds. Steve and I found ourselves shouting violent and nonsensical things into the resistance. It was an energy draining day to say the least. It rained about 18 different times, but the temperature reached 70 degrees. This was awesome. I saw my first 2 lizards! 2 small brown anoles. *See the pictures below.

When we arrived, we showered and ate a great deal of pasta. After some laughs and conversation, we headed outside to slack some line. For those who don’t know slacklining, it is a balancing sport. A 2 inch line of webbing is attached between two trees while one or more individuals attempt to walk across/do tricks. Steve is avid. It was around 2 a.m. when we attracted a small crowd. No one had ever heard of slacklining before, but all gave it a shot.

Steve and I discussed with Adam and John their trip across the globe. Next January, the 3 best friends plan to travel the world. My hat goes off to them *Takes hat off* By 4 a.m. I was ready for a soft couch and a warm blanket. Goodnight.

Now, I’m writing this blog and editing the last of the video footage, while Steve naps in the corner on a Costa Rican hammock. On that note, I know I said I would have this video ages ago, but things haven’t turned out the way I had planned. Priority is survival and health. There just has been no time for it. I created a Youtube page and finished editing the video. Once Steve wakes up, he will apply his musical genius and we will have a video for ya’ll! I have decided to do daily vlogs about the trip on the Youtube page. With minimal edits, it will be much more “home videoesque” and natural. It will also make things time efficient. Anyway, things are going great…we should be in sunny Florida in no time…Enjoy the photos!

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One thought on “Myrtle Beach

  1. Hi Taylor its nicks friend Chris I heard about your journey and I hope it is still going well safe travels, ggoooodd luuck!!!

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